I won’t really have much time to blog anything proper this month [or even the next…can’t say with the way work is piling up] so as an – encouraging – space filler, I may reblog posts I find interesting from a recent find, Unka Glen🙂

Pastor Glen Fitzjerrell does prison ministry with ex-convicts in Chicago, and I stumbled across his Tumblr a few months ago. Refreshing, and possibly the best spiritual internet find I have had in a LONG time!

I take no credit for this content; all from ‘Unka’ Glen’s tumblr:) linked above!


“I recently heard a sermon where the pastor quoted Ephesians 4:27, “do not give the devil a foothold”, and he said, “I don’t want to give the devil any room in my life!” And it struck me, we really do give the enemy that easy foothold in so many ways. And here are some of the most common:

Fear of the future. The future is a mystery. And if you learn to embrace the mysteries of life, you’ll be a much happier person. We invented the phrase “spoiler alert” for a reason, because we don’t want to know what happens until the time is right. Your future could be anything, that’s what makes it amazing.

Insecurities. There is nothing more toxic than insecurity. It kills everything it touches. Left unchecked it will ruin every relationship a person has. It spawns jealousy, and even worse, it’s contagious. Have you ever been around an insecure person, and they say something like, “Oh I’ve been talking too much about my problems, I’m not important”, and then you think “Do I do that? Do I talk about my problems too much?”

Unrealistic self expectation. With a shocking regularity, we decide to permanently endure something that, realistically, we can only endure for a very short time. All these unacceptable areas we put up with, they’re like ticking time bombs, and when they go off, the enemy will be ready to step in.

Guilt games. Wallowing in guilt is all about creating a pain over your past and calling it holy. However, the Bible says we shouldforget what is behind us, and press on to reach the goal, to win the prize (Philippians 3:13-14). God is instructing you to focus on the positive benefits of moving forward, not the negative consequences of your past.

Fear of failure. Fear is a worry that something bad might happen and take us out. But failure definitely will happen, and it won’t take us out. God is bigger than our failures. Besides, a little failure is good for you. It keeps you humble and teaches you things.”