Personal Musings


Dear you,


I know we haven’t talked in a long time, or perhaps not at all, but I just wanted to tell you, that you are loved.


You are loved in ways greater than you may ever know, but I assure you of this – that you ARE cared for, and you ARE loved. Someone out there in this messy world, someone is praying for you. They may be closer to you than you think; or they might be at the complete other side of the earth, but they are praying for you.


I know it. You may not believe the depths that someone can love you – but I do, and I know that they take that time out to think of you and pray for you.


I’m sorry that you’ve never experienced the freedom in true, unconditional love. I’m sorry that this world has hurt you so much, that its created such bitterness and cynicism within you. I’m sorry for all the emotional, verbal, physical abuse that you were subject to…


I know love cannot be seen, but it can be felt with the heart – so I pray for you to let GO, and learn to open up your heart to receive love. We close up and back away instinctively as a protective mechanism in response to pain…but to love and BE loved is to have that courage to make yourself VULNERABLE…

Even though I know its hard, and I know deep down you don’t know how to receive love….but it is there, waiting for you to receive it.


Love will keep pursuing you. All you have to do is let love in, and let it mould you, and change you…..


Remember it. Embrace it. CLAIM it.


Be blessed,