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GOODBYE 2013, HELLO 2014.

monkeybear new years eve 2013
(shameless plug for my art page —>HERE, hehe^^)

As I sit and write this, I can’t believe that as 2014 rolls around I will have been here in Seoul for one year. One whole year! – well, longer than that if you count my short 2012 stint but…anyway – what an incredible year. I…don’t even know where to begin. My life has done a complete 180 degrees since stepping back into South Korea in December 2012 – reminiscing with church family at New Years Eve on what we were thankful for, what we hoped for 2013…I remember as I said goodbye to Melbourne, as I sat waiting for transit in Singapore – only I felt that impact, the anxiousness of a new season to come. Scared of what I couldn’t see. That this was IT.

I said goodbye to my life in Australia; I wasn’t sure what was going to happen – “GOD, HAVE YOUR WAY” – maybe I would sort myself in 3 months, and return back to Australia, go back to the life I knew and hated. Maybe 6 months. And maybe, maybe I wouldn’t come back. I didn’t know.

So I plugged myself into as much as I possible could; double church service every Sunday for 6 months, prayer meetings 1-2 times a week, bible studies 1-2 weeks, my own bible reading and study every day, worship nights, retreats, EVERYTHING. I asked myself, to TEST myself, how far, how hard, how MUCH can I do to know God? how HARD can I run to follow You? How much can I push myself to grow and develop, to squash all my issues and thoughts that ate away at me?

But God is faithful, and oh man has it been OVERWHELMING. The crazy things I witnessed in others’ lives and in my own, things I would have never thought would be possible to happen to me. Blessings in good things as well as the inadvertent blessings in a lot of crazy stressful things this year too – there have been a lot of ‘firsts’ for me – because its through the hardships, through the trials that we grow…not in the things that come without effort.
And yes I’ve made mistakes. OHH I’ve made many a mistake this year…. =___= But God can use EVERY situation; and His grace and blessings were THAT much apparent in my brainless moments.

So I am thankful to now know that there IS something to live for, that I DO have purpose for this life, for the amazing people of all walks of life that I have met – and that I owe it all to Him for showing me that life can be beautiful, among the mess – and all the things I didn’t ask for (and a lot of the ones that I did! the rest…Lord I’m learning to be patient, hahahaha >___<) to have pretty much fallen in my lap this year. Blessed!!

As I look back now – who I am now is miles from the old me; the old me who didn’t know if she was throwing up empty prayers to the sky; the old me who was jaded by the lukewarm church; the old me who cried out for life with meaning and love and appreciation. So thank you, THANK YOU for showing me that life CAN be so much more, when I thought it to be impossible.

Everything is still a work in progress right now, and things are still very much in the grey zone – but even in limbo i have HOPE for 2014; hope for even BIGGER breakthroughs! in relationship, in business, in personal growth, spiritual growth, in church ministry – I believe we are capable of MORE^__^ there is beauty in the breakdown; joy in seeing something amazing rise from nothing (haha. first and foremost, I saw that change in myself, so its possible).

I also truly believe God is working in the urban community here and around the world – so I am beyond excited to pray and see where that will go! I LOVE HIPHOP~!! as if that wasn’t obvious before…hehehe.

So in 2014, I hope and pray that I will learn to TRUST in Him better. That God shows me how to love others better, more freely, more selflessly. That God will show me how to RECEIVE love better. That God will raise up the urban community for His glory here in Korea and globally, and that we can be true light and salt in the darkness. That we become disciples of Christ, not just ‘Sunday Christians’ wanting to save our own asses and to glorify ourselves.

Promised to myself that I would be as transparent as possible from the beginning to be accountable for myself, and a true testament of God’s grace to others – so as the new year comes around, I hope I can continue to do the same…and break stereotypes. Enough with hypocritical Christians…aint nobody got time for that!

My non-exhaustive ‘resolutions’ list for 2014 would be:

  1. work my butt off design wise and improve for business/church/freelance – but learn when to say ‘NO’
  2. get back to improving my Korean again. And time willing…Chinese =__=
  3. grow in Christ – learn to love/receive love better:)
  4. travel to Taiwan/Thailand/somewhere!!
  5. heal from injuries and somehow get fit again…

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Hope that 2014 is filled with blessings and wondrous things for everyone:)

Be blessed!

Beckii xo


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